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Pergola - Size 3mx3m

The Pergola is a square tent, which can comfortably seat 10 people around a 2m (6ft) table. It’s ideal for a lazy lunch or intimate dinner party or the ultimate poolside retreat.

Supplied with an arched door, organza doorway is supplied as standard allowing you to set the scene in an exquisite glowing room at dusk as well as creating an insect free area for your evenings.

The sidewalls and drapes are independently detachable.

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Pergola - Sky Blue Mirrors

The Sky Blue 3 x 3m Pergola provides an airy, fresh backdrop with evening possibilities enhanced by mirrors scattered with studied random! Lights flicker and reflect from the mirrors to provide a


Pergola - Midnight Blue

The Midnight Blue Pergola in traditional Indian cotton - a strong blue colour - the silver shimmer provided by the roof motifs and its white walls make for a cool space perfect for relaxing in a


Pergola - Bedouin Saffron

This 3 x 3m Pergola in traditional Indian cotton - Saffron colored - with large circular motifs in red, green and gold provides a hint of the eastern and southern Mediterranean - it provides a


Pergola - Warm Summer

We might have called this one Lazy Days and the soft tones of the claret/eggshell colours certainly make one wish for an afternoon kip on a hot day! Like the others it can be used for evening


Pergola - Hot Pink

The Hot Pink Pergola - with pink and pistachio stripes on the walls and a roof lining that incorporates gold stars with mirrored insets, this 3 x 3m tent provides a striking backdrop for your


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