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Choosing a tent supplier can be quite a daunting task. There are several low-cost suppliers to choose from; however, we believe that the slightly higher cost you would pay for GargTent is worth considering your requirements


Our Resort Tents are ideally suited for Glamping, Retreats, Resorts, Homes and Ecotourism operations in environmentally sensitive areas. There is definitely a low impact on the environment during and after the construction stage, with the finished tent fitting aesthetically into the environment. The finished product would allow a unique concept that is perfectly suited to almost any environment whether it be desert, tropical rainforest or coastal dunes. On top of that, the tents are relatively inexpensive, environmentally sensitive and above all extremely comfortable and elegant.


GargTent has a superb collection of Raj Tents, Garden Tents, Mughal Tents and Tent Furniture for sale. These are ideal for use as wedding tents, in a private garden, at a hotel for outside dining during the summer months and many more applications.


All our tents only take a few hours to erect, therefore, be pulled down just as quickly. No tool required.


Our in-house Resources and innovative products, including hand block printing, enable us to create imaginative, bold, elegant, fun and environments cost-effectively. GargTent offers a high degree of customization to make your tent unique.


Let us work with you to develop your dream tented theme.

GargTent is the part of Garg International (formerly Garg Dyeing & Tent Works) and born in 1993 with a mission to promote beautiful handcrafted Indian raj tents in the international market.


Designed and constructed by hand skilled craftsmen these splendid Indian traditional tents provide a charming setting for your garden or event produced using handcrafted and time-honored techniques. These magnificent tents will create a very special presence in many different applications, gardens, parties, weddings, beaches, alfresco entertaining, spa, the themed wedding, around the pool; the uses are only limited by your imagination.


Our common goal is to provide quality goods to our clients. Our skilled craftsmen manufacture all of our Tents in our workshop at Ambala, India; we have a highly qualified team of professionals-all trained and highly skilled whose continuous endeavor is to deliver quality goods on time. Each item is incomparable, handmade and woodblock printing.

Each of the creation is handmade using colorful fabrics, mirror, and threads. Our range of Garden tents lends an ethnic touch to a garden's decor.


In fact, each and our every product unmistakably captures the rich heritage of India. We believe in hosting a range, which uncovers imaginative designs that can be reproduced with ingenuity, bringing delight and satisfaction to our esteemed clients worldwide.


Products Profile :

All our Raj tents are made from the finest materials with the outer 15 oz marquee canvas being treated to ensure that is both waterproof, rot proof and also fire retardant comply to Flame-resistance in accordance with BS 7837:1996, BS 5867 part 2 type B, CPAI 84:1995 Sec 6 and NFPA 701, Water-resistance in accordance with BS 3408:1992, Rot-resistance in accordance with BS 2087:1992.


The decorative inner linings are made of 200gsm cotton and can be hand block printed by our skilled and experienced staff in a range of designs and colors or made to your specific needs. Drapes made of the premium quality cotton voile and are hand printed or plain around the borders and flow from outside the roof and are simply tied to each pole with an attractive and tasseled string. Poles and fittings are made of and strong but lightweight anodized aluminum or sturdy galvanized steel, quoted in gold zinc.


The block printing process is done by hand. The maximum size of the block is roughly 5″ square and many of the motifs employ 2 or 3 blocks to make up the print. Each block is hand carved using the local hardwood known as Sheesham. Block printing is a very skilled process as just the right amount of pressure has to be applied and this varies from block to block depending on size. The colors used are fixed and are machine washable. Colors used are either vegetable dyes or non-toxic eco-friendly fabric dyes.


We offer a unique range of ultra-luxury modern and somewhat different & varied types of tented accommodations, be it your own or our designs. We work very closely with our customers to develop and try to meet all of their tented requirements in luxury canvas living, to ensure that we aspire to meet most of all their expectations. We pride ourselves on the level of customer service and attention to detail, that we offer from the first contact until well after setup.


Our World Widespread Market :

We have a huge list of highly satisfied clientele (the companies, resorts, and stores) spread across the world. Covering almost every part of Asia, America, and Europe. Garg Tent’s distributors and clients are in based in Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Malaysia, Qatar, Maldives, Israel, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Seychelles, Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Greece, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Spain, Ireland, UK, France, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Nicaragua, USA, Canada and many more..


We have a satisfied workforce, which in turn produces satisfactory results for our valued buyers. They work with full devotion and enthusiasm that governs our image as an employer-friendly organization. Our employee’s requirements are taken care of so well that we do not have to employ any child labor. At Garg International, we have created an atmosphere that gives our employees a sense of belonging, which surely affects company’s growth as a successful and progressive group. We take the responsibility for the education of our employee’s children. We pay admissions, books, monthly fees; school dresses for their children. We want to keep this work up always and your kind cooperation needed by ordering our products.


We promise this is going to be an exciting site. As the seasons change there will always be something new, so do bookmark us and keep visiting. Also, if there is something you'd like and do not see here, we will love to hear from you.


Hope you have as much fun with GargTent as we have had to bring it to you.


Thanks for reading.

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