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Happy People Make Happy Tents

At GargTent, we strive for an internal culture of respect, gratitude, and excellence that is at the heart of all we do.

This translates to an external culture of unsurpassed customer service, superior quality, and a willingness to problem solve until our customers are as happy to be working with us as we are to be working with them.

  • From design to installation, we may provide you one-stop service.
  • Just looking for resort tent interior? Look no further!
  • Have an idea for a custom tent that you haven't been able to find? We'll make it.
  • We always say, our awesome tents make your awesome resort.
  • For high winds and heavy snowfall, the 4-season GargTent is recommended.
  • Choose either a custom size pergola or from our popular standard sizes.
  • Looking for completely unique custom interior? At GargTent, anything is possible.

It’s All Right Here in India

We are proud to manufacture the majority of our tents right here in the India
From cutting to sewing to welding, right through to the finished product, your tent is created thanks to Indian manufacturing. We are honoured to keep these opportunities and jobs here at home — and we thank our customers for making it possible. This also means that your tent is only ever a few days away once it is made. No need to wait; we’ve got the speedy truck from Haryana coming your way.

Looking for Something Different?

Our tents are some of the best in the business: All of our tents and sidewalls can be made to order, which means you can choose the colour, size, design, and finishings to your exact specifications. We make it as easy as ordering a burger with extra pickles, or holding the onions.

Putting Out Fires So You Don’t Have To

GargTent is committed to providing top shelf customer service so you know you’re getting the best before it even arrives. Whatever your reason for purchasing a tent, we are sure of three things. One, that you are counting on good products made to your exact specifications. Two, you want to trust that what you’re getting will exceed your expectations. Three, and most important, you need to be sure that what you’re purchasing will delight the people who will ultimately be standing, sitting, or dancing under the tent.

Here to Help

Successful partnerships start here at GargTent. We are always looking for ways to help our customers grow their businesses. This includes things like:

Referral bonus for customers
Flat rate shipping for online orders
Price points that help you earn back your investment sooner
Free business advice for customers just starting out in the tent business or looking to expand.

Even if we don’t end up selling you a tent, we want to help. Check out our resources, blog, and videos to become an expert tenter and give you the knowledge to make educated decisions in the future.

Don’t believe us? Call: +91 98131 01123
Call our owner Rajeev. He’ll tell you everything he knows if you have the time!

Resort Tent by GargTent

Our Core Products

  • Glamping/ Resort Tents

    Welcome To A Whole New World of Ultra-Luxury Indian Canvas Tents - Alternative Living, Glamping and Resort Tents. Custom Engineered To Bring You Closer To Nature And Allow You The Romance Of Living Under Canvas, To Find The True Tranquility And Absolute Pure Passion Of Life!

    These stunning tents are what glamping is all about. Ultimate luxury in the bush. You can literally put these anywhere, making huge opportunities for green-minded developers for the creation of the ultimate glamping retreats. Feel and see why our resort tents are one of the most complete and beautiful tents in the entire world.

  • Raj Frame Tents

    Frame style tents are versatile, free-standing structures which can be installed on just about any surface like soft ground, concrete patio or a wood deck.

    Our frame tents are available in standard widths of 1.5m to 12m and modular in length. Many standard sizes are often in stock. Although, do not let us limit you; we specialize in any custom size you can imagine ......

  • Raj Pole Tents

    Optimum quality of our Indian traditional pole tents and marquees boast of innovative designs and magical color combination. This elite collection of traditional tents and marquees adds glory to your gardens and events. They also augment soft furnishings with luxury and royal appearance. These tents and marquees are highly acknowledged by the people throughout the world and match your tastes. They are well versed with the changing trends.

    To fulfils the needs of every buyer we offer tents and marquees in variety of sizes and designs. The designs and colours of our these tents are unique and rare.

  • Boutique Tents

    Presenting whole new beautiful recreational garden tents in a range of four small tents with five stunning lining options.

    The tents come complete with the appropriate canopies, sidewalls, roof cover (newly addition), metal poles, guy ropes, stakes, wooden pegs and storage bags for the canvas. It may be necessary to purchase a mallet to secure stakes in the ground.

  • Mughal Tents

    Inspired by the glory of great Mughals, this tent is based on the artistry and designing techniques that lavishly blend Persian style with Indian motifs. These tents are walled by a symbolic rampart of cloth and recognized by their size and the splendor of their decoration, both inside and out.

    The interiors of The Mughal has been beautifully accentuated giving it an impressive look. Special lightning effects multiply the charm by highlighting subtleties of the design.

  • Tent Accessories

    With a comprehensive range of tents, umbrella we also provide highly attractive range of furniture, lanterns, cushions, bolsters, table cloths, chair covers etc.

Our Awesome Clients

At GargTent, we make sure our clients are recognised more often, and in a positive way.
Below some of our clients, current & past

Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you have a question!

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